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Combining Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy to Get You Pain Free.

Southfield, Michigan

St. Clair Shores, Michigan

We put your health first

We offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date rehabilitation utilizing the latest technology, diagnosis and procedures to treat conditions such as aches and pains from minor strain and sprains, to major injuries related to new or previous sports, work, and auto accidents.

What to expect on your first visit

On your first visit to the Advanced Spine and Headache Center, you will provide us with a detailed health history, including the cause and extent of your current symptoms and/or injury. Once the history has been taken, your will be thoroughly evaluated by a Doctor of Chiropractic and/or a Physical Therapist, who will explain all possible treatment options, frequency and duration. Every treatment type and plan is based on your examination and x-ray findings, and tailored into an individualized rehabilitation program.

Our Services

Meet Dr. Meltser

Dr. Alex Meltser, Chiropractic Physician has over 24 years of experience and success utilizing evidence based treatment protocols. He continues to attend postgraduate programs/seminars to stay on top of the latest advances in chiropractic care. Schedule some time with your No BS Chiropractor.

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